When was the last time someone gave you something that was truly meaningful?

When was the last time someone gave you something that was truly meaningful? Do you remember how it made you feel? Did you feel like that person knew you? Did you feel a connection?

Gift giving is a way for people to express love and affection. It is also a way to show our appreciation to others. But does it make us feel loved and cared for when someone gives us something that means nothing to us?

If we were honest with ourselves, we are likely going to feel that that person doesn’t know us. We might feel unimportant because they didn’t take the time to think of something that was relevant to who we are. Oh dear, we might even feel a tinge of guilt about throwing the gift away or re-gifting it. Or worse still, imagine if we re-gifted it to the very person who gave it to us in the first place. With $600m worth of unwanted gifts given in Australia last Xmas, we might want to think more carefully the next time we go shopping.

Many people live hectic lives with time being the key reason we don’t always made the best gifting decisions.  We are more disconnected than ever before. How can we choose meaningful gifts under such pressure? We know how we feel when someone gives us something meaningful. We all want to make someone feel important and special, but often find ourselves short of time and scrambling for ideas.

If you do want to make someone feel special, it pays to plan and be a little organised. Bring that person into your mind and imagine being in their life. Maybe they love Australian Wildflowers or adore blue wrens. In this case, you might consider giving them some beautiful Australian Wildflower ceramic coasters.

Your loved ones might enjoy aboriginal art. Maybe they are proud Australians and love anything Australian. In that case, how about an iconic Combi coaster. Have they travelled to Europe? Do they love Paris? Maybe they love giving back to the community – consider giving them a gift that keeps on giving like our Dreamtime Stories collection, where part of each sale is returned to the Aboriginal artist. Perhaps your loved one likes nature as nature is very healing. Is your loved one going through a difficult time? Would you give them a Peace & Harmony oil burner with some essential oils, or perhaps a Gratitude Minikin™ Lantern to show them how grateful you are.

Whatever it may be, try to find the answer by stepping outside of yourself and imagining how your loved one feels. If you take a few moments to remember the last time someone gave you something truly meaningful and how it made you feel, it will help you do the same for someone else.

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