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Gratitude Minikin Lantern

Finding gratitude in difficult times

Gratitude is the expression of thankfulness for all that life brings. It is represented in the symbolic pose of the lotus flower when it spreads its petals in a show of appreciation for the gift of life. Gratitude enables one to slow down in a busy world and feel a real connection with others and […]

the joy of giving

The Joy of Giving

Will a sense of belonging be a cure for depression? Whether we’re online or offline, there is something quite special about buying things beyond those essentials required to keep us alive. Should we dismiss retail therapy as a modern malaise linked to comfort eating and sadness? Current research suggests no, with one study showing how […]

Enhance your lifestyle with spirituality

There is no doubt that adopting a lifestyle that incorporates a spiritual practice can provide a person with the means to confront the difficulties of life with equanimity. It is interesting to note that while interest in traditional churches has waned over the past few decades, there has been a coincidental rise in people flocking […]

Transcending into happiness

Finding Balance amongst the chaos The pace of change has never been as rapid as it is today and many people are struggling to keep abreast, and indeed, many feel they are falling behind. This can leave one with a feeling of disorientation, alienation or loneliness. Because the universe works constantly to create a state […]