We are two best friends who loved travelling the world and connecting with people, having fun and searching for the meaning of life. We believe that gifting is all about connecting with others and connection brings meaning and purpose to our lives. Receiving a gift that has meaning to us, makes us feel that we are important and that we belong. And so, our mission is to help people connect through meaningful giftware.

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the joy of giving

The Joy of Giving

Will a sense of belonging be a cure for depression? Whether we’re online or offline, there is something quite special about buying things beyond those essentials required to keep us alive. Should we dismiss retail therapy as a modern malaise linked to comfort eating and sadness? Current research suggests no, with one study showing how […]

Enhance your lifestyle with spirituality

There is no doubt that adopting a lifestyle that incorporates a spiritual practice can provide a person with the means to confront the difficulties of life with equanimity. It is interesting to note that while interest in traditional churches has waned over the past few decades, there has been a coincidental rise in people flocking […]

Australia’s most loved wildflowers

Australia has the greatest number of wildflower varieties worldwide. They make an amazing experience for nature lovers who enjoy rambling in the great outdoors or those taking in the more sedate scenic drives or just enjoying botanic gardens.  Here are a few of our favourite Australian Wildflowers.  Golden Wattle This  fragrant flower is revered as […]