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Koh Living – Who is Melanie Hava?

Who is Melanie Hava? Over the last couple of years you have loved Melanie’s Kinship artwork.  We thought you would like to find out a little more about this amazing mother, partner and artist. Melanie lives in Cairns with her partner Dale and three children. She has a daughter Katie aged 11, and 2 boys Jacob aged 9 […]

Sentimental Gifts

Sentimental Gifts with Lasting Meaning

The psychology behind behind gift giving has been the subject of study for centuries.  What is evident, though, is that it is a gesture that has a lot of social benefits. Gift giving is a way of strengthening relationships between families and friends.  When we choose a sentimental gift that has meaning for the receiver, […]

Koh Living

Welcome to Koh Living

Hello! And a big warm welcome to Koh Living. We do gifting, just a bit differently. What gifting represents is as important as what it is. It’s a connection from the heart. And when you touch someone’s heart, that’s immeasurable. We believe gifting is all about connecting with others and connection brings meaning and purpose […]