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An interview with Anna Blatman

What was it that prompted you to paint in the very first instance? My mother was the link to my career as a painter.  However, she was a natural born painter and, unlike myself, painted in a very traditional style. I had just returned from an overseas trip and as her friend was giving lessons […]

Timeless Aboriginal Gifts

Aboriginal art is a gift to all living beings.  As a timeless expression of man´s relationship to everything that exists around him or her, Aboriginal art is, above all, a teaching and learning experience.  The Aboriginal people regard everything within the universe with reverence and respect. There is a purpose to everything that exists and […]

Koh Living – Who is Melanie Hava?

Who is Melanie Hava? Over the last couple of years you have loved Melanie’s Kinship artwork.  We thought you would like to find out a little more about this amazing mother, partner and artist. Melanie lives in Cairns with her partner Dale and three children. She has a daughter Katie aged 11, and 2 boys Jacob aged 9 […]