We are two best friends who loved travelling the world and connecting with people, having fun and searching for the meaning of life. We believe that gifting is all about connecting with others and connection brings meaning and purpose to our lives. Receiving a gift that has meaning to us, makes us feel that we are important and that we belong. And so, our mission is to help people connect through meaningful giftware.

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Why gifts with meaning matter

Christmas is fast becoming a distant memory, as are those gifts you pretended to ‘love’ on Christmas Day, now languishing in a dark corner of the living room. If you received a Christmas gift you don’t know what to do with, you’re not alone. One pre-Christmas study found that Australians spent a staggering $400 million […]

What does gifting mean to you?

Life just seems to be getting faster, and especially as we approach Christmas. When are pulled in different directions to meet our commitments at work and at home, gifting can feel like a real challenge – the thought of making a list, then choosing the right gift at the right price. It’s no wonder, in […]