Koh Living began from an adventure, and every day this is our goal; to enjoy the adventure of making people feel special.
We were two best friends who loved travelling the world connecting with people, having fun and searching for meaning in life. Along the way, we discovered our shared passion for gifting – and that gifts chosen with love will bring joy.

We want to create special moments of connection with friends and family amongst the chaos of modern life; and we do this through beautiful and meaningful giftware.
As Koh has evolved, so has our vision. Today, key pieces in our range are also sustainable and socially responsible, so every part of your gift makes a difference - whether supporting a talented Indigenous artist, treading softly on the earth or helping kids receive a better education.

It’s all about making people feel special – and after all, isn’t that what life is all about?

Our mission
Making people feel special through unique and meaningful giftware, wherever they are across the globe.

Our vision
To create a safer, caring and more connected world for generations to come. We will inspire 5000 people across the world every day to connect through giving - creating two million more moments every year for people to be grateful, loving, loved and generous.

We hope you will join us in helping create a better, more connected world!

Our values

  • Standing out from the crowd

    We don’t do boring and we certainly aren’t copycats. We invest heavily in design and ensure everything we create will add meaning to your life. We love that profits from many of our product ranges help underprivileged Aussie kids get an education.

  • Improving what we do

    We love learning and we understand that our life journey includes growing as an individual, not just as a business. We own and fix our mistakes and always look for ways to do things better.

  • Making people feel important

    You are important and nobody knows that more than we do. We all have a story and we all have feelings – we are responsible and respectful. Whether you’re a customer, supplier or service provider, you’re important to us.

  • Being street smart

    We’re cluey and street smart. If we don’t know something, we’ll find out about it. We speak up, we’re confident, we take risks and we learn by experience.

  • Doing what we say we are going to do

    We all know human connection and relationships are what really matter in life. If you want to p*#** someone off, the best way to do it is to make promises and then don’t come up with the goods. So, when we promise to help or provide a service, we do what we say we are going to do.